quinta-feira, 30 de abril de 2015

Sao Paulo Fashion Week 2015

Sao Paulo fashion week- graphite

Another sight-draft .

The Rat

"The Rat"- Watercolor  on moleskin watercolor paper- 15cm x 10cm
This paint was funny to make. After nearly finished,  I decide to draw a big piece of Emmenthal, surely remembering the day I was eating in Lucca- Italy. A cured cheese in chestnut leaf.

The beach

happy chubby on the beach- oil canvas 19cm x 24cm on canson paper- 300g

Inspired on "nothing" . I just let the hand free on the paper to create this oil painting.

New start

A quick sketch from an ordinary life in São Paulo

Starting from zero in this new life's project.
Uploading moments from my trip's skechtbook.